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 History of EOUniverse

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PostSubject: History of EOUniverse   Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:25 pm

EOUniverse was made on March 17, 2009. EOUniverse orignal name was still EOUniverse but was EoUniverse with a lower case o.
At the beginning of making EOUniverse it took about 2 weeks just to get nowhere. At the final days the day right before I gave up i checked one for time and it worked. When the server started it I became amazed at me, Liam being a admin.

In addition, the server was basicly a map, the eo bank where the total of about 5 players would just hang. No warps, no monsters, not anything besides talking. Soon later in about 2 or so months warps to go to different maps were added. in July 2009 i started to make my own custom client to add new items.

This took me about 2 weeks to figure out and all the items i added back then are still in the server today. Around august monsters where coded in giving it a more endless feel, making more people play. Later on my desire to keep up the server was dead and i just let it go. Around October to November i made new maps and items and it was a admin server.

Beginning of November due to having a gf and spending all my time with her i closed the server down. Months later around Febuary or March i started coding again trying to get people to play with no prevail.

August 16th was the date i started working on my server again. With quests, spells, pets, monsters, new maps, new monsters, new items, fishing , mining , guilds and more the server perfectly resembles eo main today with a million other features and thus starting to become one of the top servers or soon will be. Thus ends the story of EOUniverse.
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PostSubject: Re: History of EOUniverse   Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:16 pm

Yes, I still remember 1st Eouniverse which our maps was in glitched, sometimes we beg for items (LOL), Now EOuniverse has evolved into a Decent Server (:

I was Lonelyboi

I still remember Jaffar,Kaito,Erika,Gracie (the bratty sister of Liam) (:

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History of EOUniverse
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