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 Mod App: Temple

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PostSubject: Mod App: Temple   Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:40 pm

1. Name on server.My name in rl is zack ign is temple

2. Age.I am 16 in my junior year in high school

3. Skills for server. I hope to be a light guide / moderator mostly to help with new players and keep the server clean. I do not put up with drama i hate that the most so i will try my best to stop global arguments. I'm able to help people with information on quests drop guides etcetera. And if i have time i can actually make a Drop, Stat, Item, And quest guide for the forums. And on another hand Ive been a moderator on 3 other servers which are currently not up because of the owner but i tend to give everything i have to offer on this server

4. Position applying for. Hoping to be a moderator or light guide

5. Time spent in game. Ive been on for 3 days and hopefully more to learn everything

6. Level i am currently lvl 63 training alittle each day and I am very committed

7. Little bit about yourself. Im very fun but im strict when i want to be i know when its time to play and time to be serious, im not a rule breaker and im very down to earth ive played eo main since v25 and ive also played test i know alot about the game and ive tried a variety of different servers (which i do not play anymore) and i know wat is expected. And for the most part this is the server i play the most i feel like it can be created very well with the right people. I hope to be on this server every day after school on the weekends and whenever i can. Hope u choose me as mod :]

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Mod App: Temple
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