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 Stephanie's Advertiser Application.

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PostSubject: Stephanie's Advertiser Application.   Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:43 pm

Hi, my name is Stephanie Ostendorf. My name on EOUniverse is Stephanie and I am applying for the position of advertiser for Eouniverse. I am ten years old, and I've been on Eouniverse since it was first started. I was off for about a week and a half because school has started, but now I will promise to take at LEAST one hour out of my day to go on Eouniverse, and and at LEAST another hour to advertise. I am level 116 and have been a recent advertiser for your server and I am also a "helper" I usually help people level up. I have been advertising everyday now since around September 27, and I believe I have helped your server reach the amount of people it is today.
... I am your little sister, so I believe you should make me an admin. And I also have other talents such as mapping, (if you let me use your computer) and I am a very inclined person. I have very good grades and I wouldn't mind doing anything else you believe I could do. Thank you. Razz
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Stephanie's Advertiser Application.
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